4#52 | Hey Ladies

Hey Ladies

Hey Ladies

Hey Ladies, I’m Akhtar, 2 months old and I’m single.

That’s what I’m thinking when seeing this pic šŸ™‚

This photo taken in between his “milk” time, right at the end of the week. This weekend my little family decided to move to our parents house. My wife parents to be exact. Located at Meruya, we will stay in this house for few months or years until we can afford to buy a house.

After 2 days of labor, moving our furniture and stuff, I felt very exhausted. I’m not in the mood to take picture. Luckily, Akhtar show his very cute face that boost my mood temporarily! I grab my pocket cam, take a few shoot, and that was the best (IMO).

I think is better to use pocket rather than DSLR at that moment.


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