8#52 | Ari’s Hijab

Starting today, Ari will wear a hijab, insyaAllah..

She wanted to wear it since before Akhtar was born. But wear a hijab isn’t an easy as deciding what to wear today. It took a lot of preparation. And today, it’s all prepared.

Ari & Akhtar in Red

And right after my family photo session which is actualy canceled because the photo studio is fully booked, Ari ask me to take a picture of her and Akhtar. The family photo dress code is black and red, that’s why they wear a same color outfit.

If you wonder why Akhtar seems to be very sleepy? It because he is veeeerrryy sleepy. It’s his nap time, but his mother insist to photo just before putting him in bed. Hehe..



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